Back in the kitchen

Let see…

It’s been nine months since the last time I posted anything in this blog. Weeew.. that’s quite a long time.

So what happened during those nine months?

Well now I’m six months pregnant… Woohooo… (yeah, I’m that excited thihi). Me and hubby also moved to our new apartment (another Woohooooo). And  I’m also busy with school until the end of this year.

During my first trimester, I pretty much just hate being in the kitchen. I even hated the fridge. Seriously. Every time I opened the refrigerator I always ended up having a massive nausea, that I had to hold my breath and closed my nose just to take the milk box. So weird…

The other thing that I hate the most during those dark times was… camera. Yup.. I hate both cooking and taking pictures.. hahaha.. I pretty much got screwed back then.. LOL

But eniho, I already on my 6th month now. All giddy up and love being in the kitchen again. The camera is also back being my besties. So.. It’s all good.. all good.

Well, enough with the chit chat. Now I want to show off the latest food photography that I took the last couple of weeks.

* * * *




* * * *

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Breakfast first!


“ Never work before breakfast. If you have to work before breakfast, get your breakfast first. ” — Josh Billings —

* * * *

Ever since I was a kid, I never really like to eat breakfast. Well I did get excited when we just bought a pack of cereal, but it only lasted for a few days. After that I went back to my routine.. just a glass of milk or pretty much nothing at all. I have no idea why I never really like it.

Now nothing’s really changed much. Still just milk and nothing else. I wonder how to change that habit. Hmmm…