Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Wow, talking about perfect timing…

I just finished up taking pictures of the macarons that I bought earlier today when I saw that the theme for this week weekly photo challenge is “Today“. I already had a plan to write a post about this anyway, so to be able to put it on the weekly challenge is a huuuge bonus.

Ever since I saw an article about this french confectionery at one of Indonesian local food website few months ago, I’ve been wondering on how it actually taste like. Added that macarons are now super famous in Jakarta, so it seems like everybody is talking about it. Every day. It’s either this or rainbow cake that people twitted or posted in their Facebook pages or blogs. Herregud!

With that curiosity building up inside, I finally have a chance to experience it first hand today . No more wondering.. No more drooling over other people awesome pictures of the macarons.

About the taste of the macarons it self.. I bought macarons with pistachio, chocolate, strawberry and lemon flavor. Since this is the first time I try it, not really sure if the one I ate before was the good or the bad example. But either way, I don’t think I’ll have the urge to buy it again anytime soon.

PS: I’m confused on how to write macaron the correct way… Is it macaron or macaroon? X_X


24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

  1. Your macaron shots are much better than the ones I took a couple of weeks ago. I need to buy some more and have another go with a better lighting setup. BTW its macaron – a macroon is an entirely different creature involving coconut.

    • Thanks and good luck… Hope you’ll get the perfect shot.. ^_^

      LOL, yeah.. my friend told me that it’s actually different. All this time I thought both names are correct.. >__<

    • Hello!
      Thanks for the compliment and also for confirming. I’ve tried google it, but it didn’t help.. Specially when I used google image.. X_X

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