Two Little Chefettes: Monthly Cooking Challenge

Few days a go, my fellow food blogger Ridha asked me if I want to join her for a project that she’s been working on. It’s nothing too fancy, but nevertheless sounds super fun. Since I was in a mood on doing it, without any hesitation I said “yes Ridha.. I do” πŸ˜›

After that, we pretty much scramble ourselves to get everything done. Making logo, fixing the concept, etc.. yeah you know all those kinda stuff.. And yesterday all the preparation were done, but the real thing is just gonna get started.

* * * *

The project that we’ve been working on called: Two Little Chefettes: Monthly Cooking Challenge. It’s a cooking challenge where every one a month we both decide an ingredient and then we need to make something out of it in that one month time frame. It’s a lot of time.. I know.. But usually it takes me ages just to find what to cook.. So one month time frame is good enough (for me at least *evil laugh*). Added that when we decided to make this challenge available to be join by everyone, we think that one month really is a good duration. People have a lot of stuff also in their life and we don’t wanna to add more stress. It is for fun after all.. πŸ˜€

So… if you interested on join us, visit our blog dedicated to the project and you can read all the rules and of course the theme for the month also. We gonna put new theme ingredient on the 10th of the month and round up every recipes we get on the 9th on the next month.

Hope to see you there…


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