Choco Cookies [Remake]

It’s almost Eid-al Fitr and that means it’s time for me to make one of my favorite cookies.. the Chocolate Cookies. I rarely bake this particular snack because it takes a lot of time and energy to make. But since this month is really special, I forced my self to make it anyway.

The recipe I used was my moms special. I already wrote about it here. The one thing that I changed from the original recipe was the amount of all-purpose flour, from 450 grams to 300 grams. The rest remain the same. I lower the amount of flour because I almost never used it all. There were always left over since the batter already became hard enough to mold. And rather I throw the rest of the flour away, better to lower it down from the start.

There’s another alternative for the topping if you don’t want to use confectioners’ sugar. You can put coco crunch on top of the chocolate cookies as substitute. Right before you bake it, just place 2 pieces of coco crunch on top and then pop it in the oven. Yum!

About the pictures… This time I was actually quite prepared. I bought a small cookie jar and a nice ribbon for accessories. I even took the time to tie the cookies together and so on. I was so exited because for the first time I had a clear vision on how the picture supposed to be. Too bad I forgot to buy a milk bottle to add to the picture and decided to change it to a small glass instead.

When I took pictures of the food I cooked, I usually just did it randomly. Not really preparing anything — which is a bad thing to do. But it’s so hard to imagine how the food gonna turn out, how to plate it and so on. I should read more recipe books to get more inspiration.

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21 thoughts on “Choco Cookies [Remake]

  1. Hi Bebe, I was attracted to your site because of your name. I’m called Bebe also because all my last names (3) start with the letter B and my first name is Barbara. I live in USA. I am currently baking cookies at home for friend and other referrals. Everyone seems to love my cookies. I use the best ingredients I can find. I only make about 5 different kinds right now but I am experimenting on others. They keep coming back for more so I am hoping to increase my little business. Do you have any terrific cookie recipes you would care to share with me. I find your site very interesting. Thanking You in advance, BeBe

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